“You gotta have style. It’s a way of life.” – Diana Vreeland

If you’re tired of all the old clothes in your wardrobe and fancy overhauling your look but don’t know where to start, you need a Personal Shopping session with me, Julie from CeCeBoo.

I know that feeling you get when you open the cupboard door but can’t get excited by anything you see. A pair of fresh, experienced “style-eyes’ is what you need to refresh and re-invigorate your look.

I believe in making things as simple as possible, and my motivation comes from empowering those stuck in a style rut to shake off ill-fitting, badly cut clothes and learn how to dress to impress.

Before hitting the shops I’ll gather your essential details: your body shape, style personality, colouring, lifestyle, needs and, most importantly, your budget.

Then I’ll complete your CeCeBoo’s signature pre shop for you, compiling a selection of items perfect for your shape, colour and personality.

Want to know more about a CeCeBoo Personal Shopping experience?

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If you are enticed by stylish ensembles you see in shop windows only to be discouraged when you can’t pull off the look in the dressing room, a Deluxe Personal Shopping consultation is what you need. I’ll help you learn what cut and colours suit your unique body shape, and show you how to pull an outfit together, flawlessly.

First we’ll have a conversation about what you want and need, discussing your everyday life, and your budget.

Next you’ll receive a realistic shopping list of “must have” items and a budget in advance to make the most of your experience. I’ll meet you at a predetermined shopping destination, assist with selecting your clothes and help you complete the look with stylish accessories.

Sessions are a 3 hour minimum, but can be longer depending on your needs and budget.

CeCeBoo’s Personal Shopping consultations are competitively priced.

A few hours with me could be all it takes to transform your wardrobe from drab to fab, so why not contact me today?

Personal Shopping

“Buy less, Choose well”
– Vivienne Westwood

Express Shopping

Total duration 3 hours
  • Ideal if you want a "one off" outfit or just a few items
  • Client shop: 1.5 hrs - Stylist pre-shop: 1.5 hrs
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Seasonal Shopping

Total duration 4.5 hours
  • Excellent for those wanting a new seasonal wardrobe
  • Client shop: 2.5 hrs - Stylist pre-shop: 2 hrs
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Complete Wardrobe Shopping

Total duration 6 hours
  • Perfect if you need a full mix and match wardrobe, including shoes and accessories
  • Client shop: 3.5 hrs - Stylist pre-shop: 2.5 hrs
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After Shopping Service

Total duration per hour
  • After shopping learn how to mix and match your new purchase - At the CeCeBoo Style Lounge
  • After shopping learn how to mix and match your new purchase with your existing wardrobe- At clients home
$100 Per hour
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