Client Reviews

What my lovely clients say:

I’ve reached out to Jules recently and that was truly the best investment Ive made in a very long time. After losing my style and gaining so much weight over the last few years I thought it is a hopeless case. But after a morning spend with Jules I felt empowered and managed to go clothes shopping with new confidence. Her advice and recommendations were easy to apply. I’ve been wearing the clothes that Ive bought since and feels amazing everyday. Every women should do themselves the favour and make a booking it is life changing. I can’t recommend Ceceboo enough. Next time I am taking her shopping with me, she is just amazing.

ElanriEssentials 'Plus' Style and colour consultation

“I was nervous prior to starting my new job in a Senior Executive role, and was unsure of whether or not I would fit into the corporate role, after spending so long working in aged and disability services. The beautiful girls at my work bought me a gift voucher to see Julie at CeCe Boo and (whilst I was nervous to begin with) I was overwhelmed by how comfortable and relaxed Julie made me feel. Julie had already pick out items that she knew were the right shape, colour, and the ones that I would feel comfortable but professional in. We picked some beautiful outfits, added a new hairstyle and makeup tutorial, and I left feeling like a million bucks and started my first day feeling strong, confident, and ready to take on the world. Thank you Julie!!!”

SarahThe 'Essentials Plus' & Personal Shopping

I made contact with CeCe Boo and it was a real turning point for me. At the time I was in a very stressful job which I had let rule my life and this had resulted in me gaining weight and generally not taking care of myself – when I met Julie, I was at a very, very low ebb.

The initial styling and colour make-over was fantastic and I came away armed with lots of fashion advice and a fantastic colour swatch, but more importantly I came away with a massive boost to my confidence as Julie had such a positive and relaxed approach and really listened to what I had to say.

I was so impressed with the service I received I booked a shopping trip which was amazing – it turned my usual traumatic clothes shopping into an organised but fun and informative experience, and at the end of it I felt like a million dollars. After purchasing my new clothes I booked a wardrobe revamp session at home – another excellent experience.

Since then I have attended various seasonal workshops which Julie runs and have a refresh and update of my styling swatch.

I can not recommend Julie’s services highly enough – every woman should have at least one CeCeBoo experience. I say to anyone reading this…….go on treat yourself, you deserve it and will not regret it.

Barb Monahan

BarbThe 'Signature Essentials', Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Detox

I was turning 60 and was unsure what I should be wearing for my age. I had lost confidence in how to dress, so I wore the same comfy styles of clothes every day. I was feeling very unhappy in my appearance and I knew I had to do something!

So I ask Jules for help, the best thing I could have done! Wow….. How fantastic I feel now. I now know how to shop for things that are going to make me feel fashionable, stylish, and still comfortable. I take more care with my makeup, hair and I’m even ‘doing’ accessories!

The first time the new me went out I got a “wow” off a ‘young’ man. Boy did I feel good. It has changed the way I think and feel about myself and has given me a whole new confidence that I never thought I could have!

The great thing also for me is that Jules showed me how to achieve my new look on a realistic budget, it has been the best investment for me!

KarenThe 'Transformation' package

“Being a business owner and mum of 3 young boys, I have little time for browsing the shops and co-ordinating outfits.

Fortunately I have discovered CeCeBoo! I had an absolute ball during my style, colour and body shape session learning what’s ‘right for me’. I now go shopping a few times a year with Jules as she ‘gets it right’ every time. No more money wasted on the wrong purchase. Such a convenient, hassle-free, personalised and efficient way to shop.

The CeCeBoo experience is the perfect balance of expertise and fun. The end result is terrific, leaving you beautifully styled and feeling great! Couldn’t think of a better way to shop.”

RobynThe 'Revamp' package and ongoing seasonal shopping

“I don’t normally take the time to write testimonials. I often think about it but never quite get around to it…. Too busy with my two little boys 2 & 4 BUT …… I absolutely could not help but spread the word about YOU and YOUR AMAZING service. I don’t like to sound all cliched and say you have changed my life blah blah blah BUT…… seriously since making the decision to come and utilise your services many things have changed in my life…..

Maybe I should give a quick run down on why I decided to Google for a personal shopper in the first place. Well thank you Google for leading me to you!!

I used to be very stylish and up on fashion before children – I then went into motherhood and unfortunately suffered pretty severe Post Natal Depression. I stopped caring about the way I looked – I was still wearing maternity clothes & bra’s long after I really needed them. I seriously always looked like a DAG and I rarely took pride in my appearance.

I turned 40 this year – my hubby and I decided there would be no more children and I had recently taken on a home based business selling Jewellery. So I am in front of people all the time and want to feel good about the way I look so I can come across more confident.

For my birthday I received a very generous amount of vouchers for Garden City so I could get some new clothes towards revamping my wardrobe. Did I mention that I really don’t like shopping for anything let alone clothes. In the past when I have shopped I usually end up with most of the clothes sitting in my closet with the tags on. I thought it would be a much better investment to use some of my cash / vouchers towards using Julie’s services, that way I would only get things that I will actually wear and suit me.

The end result is exactly what I had hoped for….. I have a smaller wardrobe but with lots of items that I can mix and match. Lots of basics to start casual and things to add / layer for dressier occasions. Every day it is so much easier to wake up and get dressed and feel good and comfortable – that is very important to me because I am dealing with my two young boys every day so comfort is a must. And my new look must be coming across well as my business has increased. I have just been promoted to Business Manager within my company and qualified for a Free trip to Greece !! YAY 🙂

Julie is absolutely lovely and makes you feel very comfortable from the very moment you meet her. Just be prepared when you are shopping – put your running shoes on, she walks like lightning. We had a blast at my place doing the wardrobe detox. That was a really interesting experience! Gave away loads of clothes and made lots of room for my new stuff.

The other thing that is worth mentioning that I really appreciated is how Julie took my budget in to consideration and took me to shops accordingly. Anyway I could go on and on. But I hope if you are reading this – you can get a feel for the experience. It really did exceed my expectations and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a bit of a boost or a complete makeover. I am getting lots of lovely comments from my friends and school mums etc. Feels really Good! “

NicholaThe 'Transformation' package

After going years and years wearing the same clothes and never feeling very fashionable I decided enough was enough and contacted Jules at CeceBoo and arranged a body shape consultation.

I was greeted by the friendliest most welcoming lady I have met in a really long time who understood exactly what I was wanting to achieve out of the consultation and I wasn’t disappointed. I completed a simple questionnaire about the types of styles I am most comfortable wearing, took a few measurements and in a couple of minutes I had found out my body shape and style personality. We then had a look at colour, this was great fun and a real eye-opener.

A week later we then went out for a personal shopping consultation and it would have to be the most easy-breezy shopping excursion I had ever been on. Jules had already done a pre-shop the day before and all I had to do was go to each shop and pick out what I did like and leave behind what I didn’t. While I was trying on the clothes I received tips and tricks on the best way to wear the items I was trying on to get the most out of my body shape. I was upfront and honest about my budget so I couldn’t afford all the items I wanted on the day. However, Jules called me when the items went on sale so I could go back and get them.

I have received nothing but compliments since my shopping excursion and I have even had people ask where I have purchased things from as they have liked them so much. I can’t thank Jules enough for what she has taught me and the wonderful clothes she picked out for me!! Thanks a million –

DonnaThe "Revamp" package

“Learning my style and colours was amazing for me. The colours I wear now look so much better as Jules got me away from black! The new styles I wear now really flatter my figure. It has transformed my life as there is no more time wasting going around in circles at the shops as I know exactly what’s right for me.” Can’t thank you enough Jules X

JackieThe 'Signature Essentials'