Mary Anne

I really must thank you for the personal shopping you have assisted me with.  I now head off to work each morning feeling confident that I look smart.

From the very first time I contacted you, I have felt completely confident that you will help me choose clothes that suit my size, colour and style.  The initial meeting was reassuring as you showed me that I did at least know the best colours to select for myself, just not the best style.  I trusted your judgement and guidance after seeing the first item you suggested I try on (a gorgeous pair of jeans).

The subsequent shopping outings have been fun and it has been like spending a few hours with a best friend who only wanted the best for me.  Now that you know my style preferences, each time I arrange another shopping outing, I know that not only will you select some beautiful clothes, you will also have the items ready to be tried on. As someone who works long hours and has little time for myself, I really appreciate the efficient way you manage this.

The whole shopping experience has removed my fear I have with each coming season.  I now know I can call, arrange a date to meet with you and come home with well-fitted, comfortable, stylish clothes for all occasions.

Most of all, I love that you can find flattering clothes in a colour other than black!